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To Whom It May Concern
Harry Fotopoulos is a hard worker and a great asset to our company.His professional manner and dedication to his career is rarely seen these days in the industry and most of all We have been very satisfied with his work.I would highly recommend Harry to any company who wants a representative who takes action and is pro active at developing your market
Best Regards
Ben Petersen
Vice President of Sales & Marketing


Harry Fotopoulos has been representing BizPins in the Northeast USA for the past year.  We have been very satisfied with his work.  Harry brings an uncommon enthusiasm to his work, which does not go unnoticed by distributors.  He is well known in the industry and goes out of his way to help distributors in whatever way he can.  Harry is a straight shooter, and can be depended upon.  He’s a diligent and hard worker, and goes above and beyond the expected.Harry has represented us in the past doing traveling trade shows across the USA starting in 2007.  I can unequivocally recommend Harry as one of the best reps in the industry.

Regards,Dan McCarty CAS

Bulldog Packaging

Bulldog Packaging has been working with Harry Fotopoulos for some time now.  In addition to representing our line, prior to taking us we at Bulldog knew Harry for quite a few years, while working on the road together.  Bulldog Packaging, and myself, think that Harry would be a valuable asset to your company.  As we have known Harry both in professional and personal terms, we can state with confidence that; Harry is an honorable man with the utmost integrity.  Harry will be one of the hardest working reps you will take on; within the first week we worked together he was in front of some of the larger distributors on his territory.  Harry is eager to learn, with us he went above and beyond to attentively pick up every detail of our line.  You will find him to be refreshing to work with; as he is open to working with his lines in the manner they conduct their business and want their image to come across.  Both the Bulldog staff and I think you would be hard pressed to find better representation in the territory.  Please feel free to contact me with any further questions at number below.

Regards,Kiel Brunette Vice President

Harry has been representing my line for the past 2 Years. In that time my products have been shown to some of the largest distributors in the northeast. As I have a unique product line and have done quite a bit of marketing I am constantly amazed that most distributors have never heard of my line. Having Harry personally show the product is helping penetrate many of these distributors.We have received many requests for samples and we have received quite a few requests for virtual samples for some very large end users. Harry is an enthusiastic advocate of my products and I am sure that his work will lead to many sale .Harry has a good relationship with distributors. When I call to follow up on sample requests they all know my products and speak highly of Harry. I am satisfied with the work that harry has done and I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Mr. Fotopoulos.


BizPins (UPIC: BIZPINS), a supplier based in Elgin, Illinois, has brought Harry Fotopoulos onto its sales team. Fotopoulos will office out of Washington, D.C., and be responsible for the Northeast, including Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont.